IMG_2664Young mama. Cute little man. Lots of love for art, funkiness and life.

Mama studied art, photography and cinema in Montreal, Canada.
Little man was born in March 2013 and loves to laugh real loud, make gruggling noise and give wet kisses.

As soon as I became a mom, I was questionning what type of mon I would be. I was not your typical pastel-wearing type of mom. But I couldn’t find a lot of info out there for the “different” mom, the modern mom, the young mom, the artsy-deviant-funky mom.

But as I grow as a mom, I realize there is a whole community of fun, young parents and it’s encouraging!

By the way, this site main focus is BABY FASHION. Because hell, sometimes you need to have fun with your babe, dress him up, it makes us smile to see him like that and it helps to smile when you haven’t slept all night…am i right ??

Hope you enjoy 🙂



  1. Your baby is ADORABLE and his clothes are so stinking cute!! I had/have so much fun dressing my little girl but boy clothes tend to often be on the more boring side. I love seeing all the great boy things you show here!

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