Art from the heart- Making your own family gallery wall

I think every home needs art that represents its owners. That represents the vibe of the family, that shows the heart of the home.

I think a gallery wall can do just that. You can put pictures of your family members, or simply images that inspire you, or sayings that make you smile.

The most important part is that YOU love it. That it speaks to YOU.

Here’s a little gallery wall we put together over our fireplace.


I found the wood letter “O” ( for my son’s name Oliver :)) at a thrift store for 1$ and I love it. It’s a bit used but it gives it character and it’s different. The lamp is from Target.


This print represent our home so well. Love, laughter and beer. Yep. that’s how it is and we love it. I found it on Etsy, here’s the link.


This little hulk is so old. I think my hubby and I got it at the dollar store when we first started going out. It represents our first unofficial date, we went to take a picture with a hulk mascot that was passing by. Β It might look stupid but it has a lot of meaning for us and that’s why we love it.


I hope this post makes you want to pimp out your house. Be unique, creative and as long as you love it, than it’s all that matters !



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