Rocking Baby Gear

One last party before the summer ends…




One-pieces are the shiznit (pardon my french).

These little shorts and t-shirt all-in-one, are so easy to put on and to open up to change the diapee!

And they look so darn cute.

Especially this one from Old Navy.

I don’t think they have it anymore but if you find one similar, get it! Your little one is going to be so comfy!

 I especially like seeing toddlers in them, it keeps them looking like babies for just a little bit longer…;)

(oh and here is a similar one from Gap !)






Whistle & Flute Clothing

I have a new crush. Yes I’m falling in love with Whistle&Flute Clothing!

Here’s the little guy rocking their tee and cap:

photoSo cute and comfortable! And the hat fits Oli’s huge head! yay!

They are a Canadian company and they have these gorgeous designs for baby boys, girls and even mom & dad. So you can wear the same tee as your kid and the whole family can match ! awwwww cuteness overload!

I had to get their Kawai Cloud Toddler Cap


AND their ” Je t’aime” t-shirt of course. Being from Montréal, Canada I speak French and I  loved this as soon as I saw it!JeTaime_400w


Next step : a t-shirt for mama to match ! yessss 🙂

Best shoes EVA



The search for the perfect toddler shoe is quite an arduous one.

You have the soft sole shoe, the knitted baby shoe, the hard sole shoe, the ones with velcro, the ones with laces, the slip-ons, and the list goes on.

Of course you can add to that the fact that you want to find the cutest and funkiest little shoe possible. ( that doesn’t cost 50$ because your kid will outgrow it in 2-3 months probably…)










They are so easy to put on. They are so easy to close, just velcro those suckers up. They are made of super comfortable materials, you can feel the difference just by touching the inside. AND they have the cutest darn designs ever.

We bought these :





And we love them. SO much. And our little monster seems to love them too, they’re the only pair that doesn’t make him scream when we put them on… 🙂

Definitely recommend them!



If you like it, than you should’ve put a HAT on it…


I cannot repeat it enough. Put a hat on your baby.

A little knitted hat. A grungy cap. A cute beanie. A big sombrero.  Anything will look simply awesome.

Or at least, it will make you laugh  everytime you look at your mini-you…

Now that our little guy is getting bigger, we have even more choice in the hat department. And I have to admit I can’t contain my excitement! lol…

I especially love this latest one…


 HAT, Children’s Place


awwwwwmdngksslkfls gotta love hats.


Little Monsieur


There is nothing better than a fake bowtie and suspenders on a onesie.

Ok. here i go exaggerating again.

But it really is awesome.

Your little not only looks dashing and to die for, but he is super comfy!

He doesn’t even know why everyone laughs at the mere sight of him or why all of sudden all those ladies are pinching and squeezing him even more than usual…


This is and Old Navy one on my little man that I found on super sale online.

But I think I might have found something even cuter on Etsy. They’re bodysuits that you can clip bowties and suspenders on and off. So it can stay a regular comfy onesie or you can add some sass if you want ! Awesome!

p.s : I’m thinking of getting them for the little man’s birthday. Wouldn’t that be legen-wait for it-dary !!



“Rock is not dead, Baby”

Yes. If you are a rocker mom or dad, you have this inner desire to show it off on your kid.

Maybe it’s because we know that in his or her little baby heart, they already love those classic rock n’ roll songs. Or maybe it’s because we’ve been listening to them and they had no choice but to do the same in utero.

Anyway, you need to own at least one little onesie with your favorite rocking band.

You just have to.

It goes : diapers, bottles, classic rock onesie.

My Rolling Stones onesie was a gift :




But this site seems to cover a lot of cool bands !




Take care & keep on rockin’


Stripes on!

Gotta love the marine/navy , blue & white stripy look. I keep trying not to get outfits with stripes but they’re so damn cute.

Especially the one-pieces.

They’re not pyjamas but they’re just as comfortable and look awesomely cute! The best of both worlds!


Gap One-Piece, Find them HERE



IMG_2805 IMG_2802

Old Navy One-Piece ( this one even had a hood! geeee)

Find them HERE

Skater Boi

IMG_2665My little skater dude has such a big head that these adult sized Burton hats fit him. Which is awesome because he really looks like a mini bad-ass rocker in them. As if he plays the bass in the latest underground band… The Milk Pirates.

I recommend you get all kinds of cool and funky hats for your little one. They always add a lot of personality and everyone loves a baby in a hat. That’s just a fact. ( It’s like the baby socks phenomenon, see this post)

Find the Burton hats HERE.


As for for his pants…I never thought I would be saying this but JEGGINGS ARE AWESOME. Baby jeggings that is. Not only will your baby be styling but he’ll be comfy and happy as a clam.

I recommend the Levi’s ones, even if they are for “girls”, baby jeggings are unisex. They don’t have any glitter or anything, so it’s really a non-issue. I just recommend picking a bigger size and it works perfectly. Find them HERE.

Take care & keep on styling those babies!

Punk’d Onesies

As soon as I knew this little guy was coming, I started shopping around for cute onesies.

I wanted more than a little white onesie. I wanted a cool onesie. a funny onesie. a onesie I would wear.

And then I found

I fell in love with their grungy style. It totally spoke to my rebel side.

And so my little man began his life with a little attitude :


Only the gray long sleeve in now available here



Available here !

Make sure you check out their monsters series. they’re awesome. I never got them but I keep telling myself I will one of these days (before he outgrows onesies!)


Sock on Baby

Is there anything cuter than baby socks? no really? a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g???

ok they’re might be a couple of things but geeeez they’re up there.

So, when I had my lil bundle of joy/not all the time but still a lot of joy, I had to get him some ROCKING socks.

I found these.


They’re a little on the expensive side but oh so awesome. They always added a little extra edge to pretty much any outfit and theyre super well made, with even some grip on the sole that was super useful when he started crawling/almost walking


(Don’t worry there’s also girl versions, but no too girly-girl. Exactly how we like it! Like these mary janes below)