Lil’ Nerd


Nerd Hat from Ardene

T-shirt, Vintage

Pants from my Etsy Shop MissInkInk



If you like it, than you should’ve put a HAT on it…


I cannot repeat it enough. Put a hat on your baby.

A little knitted hat. A grungy cap. A cute beanie. A big sombrero.  Anything will look simply awesome.

Or at least, it will make you laugh  everytime you look at your mini-you…

Now that our little guy is getting bigger, we have even more choice in the hat department. And I have to admit I can’t contain my excitement! lol…

I especially love this latest one…


 HAT, Children’s Place


awwwwwmdngksslkfls gotta love hats.


Little Monsieur


There is nothing better than a fake bowtie and suspenders on a onesie.

Ok. here i go exaggerating again.

But it really is awesome.

Your little not only looks dashing and to die for, but he is super comfy!

He doesn’t even know why everyone laughs at the mere sight of him or why all of sudden all those ladies are pinching and squeezing him even more than usual…


This is and Old Navy one on my little man that I found on super sale online.

But I think I might have found something even cuter on Etsy. They’re bodysuits that you can clip bowties and suspenders on and off. So it can stay a regular comfy onesie or you can add some sass if you want ! Awesome!

p.s : I’m thinking of getting them for the little man’s birthday. Wouldn’t that be legen-wait for it-dary !!



“Rock is not dead, Baby”

Yes. If you are a rocker mom or dad, you have this inner desire to show it off on your kid.

Maybe it’s because we know that in his or her little baby heart, they already love those classic rock n’ roll songs. Or maybe it’s because we’ve been listening to them and they had no choice but to do the same in utero.

Anyway, you need to own at least one little onesie with your favorite rocking band.

You just have to.

It goes : diapers, bottles, classic rock onesie.

My Rolling Stones onesie was a gift :




But this site seems to cover a lot of cool bands !




Take care & keep on rockin’


Hot DIY wood & pipe shelf!

I love me some DIY. Especially, when it comes to pimping our house.

I find that’s how it actually becomes a home. With all your personal items, photos, art, memories & DIYs!

So here’s one I especially loved doing with the help of my hubby.

The DIY wood & pipe shelp!

I actually followed the tutorials from this page. I thought it was fairly easy, but then again I was mainly supervising my hubby’s efforts. 😉 No really, it’s not that bad and it makes for a great looking shelf with some character.

Here’s the result :



Let me know what you think and/or how yours turns out!


Art from the heart- Making your own family gallery wall

I think every home needs art that represents its owners. That represents the vibe of the family, that shows the heart of the home.

I think a gallery wall can do just that. You can put pictures of your family members, or simply images that inspire you, or sayings that make you smile.

The most important part is that YOU love it. That it speaks to YOU.

Here’s a little gallery wall we put together over our fireplace.


I found the wood letter “O” ( for my son’s name Oliver :)) at a thrift store for 1$ and I love it. It’s a bit used but it gives it character and it’s different. The lamp is from Target.


This print represent our home so well. Love, laughter and beer. Yep. that’s how it is and we love it. I found it on Etsy, here’s the link.


This little hulk is so old. I think my hubby and I got it at the dollar store when we first started going out. It represents our first unofficial date, we went to take a picture with a hulk mascot that was passing by.  It might look stupid but it has a lot of meaning for us and that’s why we love it.


I hope this post makes you want to pimp out your house. Be unique, creative and as long as you love it, than it’s all that matters !


Stripes on!

Gotta love the marine/navy , blue & white stripy look. I keep trying not to get outfits with stripes but they’re so damn cute.

Especially the one-pieces.

They’re not pyjamas but they’re just as comfortable and look awesomely cute! The best of both worlds!


Gap One-Piece, Find them HERE



IMG_2805 IMG_2802

Old Navy One-Piece ( this one even had a hood! geeee)

Find them HERE