baby skater

Skater Boi

IMG_2665My little skater dude has such a big head that these adult sized Burton hats fit him. Which is awesome because he really looks like a mini bad-ass rocker in them. As if he plays the bass in the latest underground band… The Milk Pirates.

I recommend you get all kinds of cool and funky hats for your little one. They always add a lot of personality and everyone loves a baby in a hat. That’s just a fact. ( It’s like the baby socks phenomenon, see this post)

Find the Burton hats HERE.


As for for his pants…I never thought I would be saying this but JEGGINGS ARE AWESOME. Baby jeggings that is. Not only will your baby be styling but he’ll be comfy and happy as a clam.

I recommend the Levi’s ones, even if they are for “girls”, baby jeggings are unisex. They don’t have any glitter or anything, so it’s really a non-issue. I just recommend picking a bigger size and it works perfectly. Find them HERE.

Take care & keep on styling those babies!