cool hat

Skater Boi

IMG_2665My little skater dude has such a big head that these adult sized Burton hats fit him. Which is awesome because he really looks like a mini bad-ass rocker in them. As if he plays the bass in the latest underground band… The Milk Pirates.

I recommend you get all kinds of cool and funky hats for your little one. They always add a lot of personality and everyone loves a baby in a hat. That’s just a fact. ( It’s like the baby socks phenomenon, see this post)

Find the Burton hats HERE.


As for for his pants…I never thought I would be saying this but JEGGINGS ARE AWESOME. Baby jeggings that is. Not only will your baby be styling but he’ll be comfy and happy as a clam.

I recommend the Levi’s ones, even if they are for “girls”, baby jeggings are unisex. They don’t have any glitter or anything, so it’s really a non-issue. I just recommend picking a bigger size and it works perfectly. Find them HERE.

Take care & keep on styling those babies!


Gator & Gap



Little striped hat from Gap (Great hat, he wore it so many times), Get it HERE

Soft jean shorts from Gap, find their baby boy shorts HERE

Cool Gator shirt from Osh Kosh, find their baby boy collection HERE