A look back on summer- Part 1


Hi All! It’s been a while!

Busy mom over here, but I’m back with a series of posts on baby fashion, it’s the last of Oli’s looks from summer past 🙂



OH JEANS OVERALLS! One of the cutest item for babies (because they’re the only ones who can get away with it actually).

Oli is wearing a pair of vintage shortalls actually, so it was perfect for those last summer days. But since it’s getting colder now, you can go with the long pant version with a long sleeve shirt and its still gonna look uber cute!



One last party before the summer ends…




One-pieces are the shiznit (pardon my french).

These little shorts and t-shirt all-in-one, are so easy to put on and to open up to change the diapee!

And they look so darn cute.

Especially this one from Old Navy.

I don’t think they have it anymore but if you find one similar, get it! Your little one is going to be so comfy!

 I especially like seeing toddlers in them, it keeps them looking like babies for just a little bit longer…;)

(oh and here is a similar one from Gap !)





Whistle & Flute Clothing

I have a new crush. Yes I’m falling in love with Whistle&Flute Clothing!

Here’s the little guy rocking their tee and cap:

photoSo cute and comfortable! And the hat fits Oli’s huge head! yay!

They are a Canadian company and they have these gorgeous designs for baby boys, girls and even mom & dad. So you can wear the same tee as your kid and the whole family can match ! awwwww cuteness overload!

I had to get their Kawai Cloud Toddler Cap


AND their ” Je t’aime” t-shirt of course. Being from Montréal, Canada I speak French and I  loved this as soon as I saw it!JeTaime_400w


Next step : a t-shirt for mama to match ! yessss 🙂

Hard days night

We all know that being a mama is not easy.

I would even say it’s downright cruel sometimes.

You feel so much love and yet so frustrated sometimes. Often, at the same time.

You stop having time for yourself. Forget that hot meal, you’re gonna have to eat it cold. Cause even if you reheat it in the microwave, it’s gonna keep getting cold because you’re busy with your babe. So you just give in and eat the damn macaroni freezing cold.

And I could go on and on with the stuff that you don’t think about when you see that beautiful mommy-baby bond on t.v or in the magazines. In real life, it’s gets ugly, messy, lonely, stressful and HARD.

But hey, enough with the ranting.

Because sometimes it’s good to remember why we are doing all this. How super amazing we are and how  terribly lucky we are.

So today I want to introduce you to Sarah Driscoll. I great mommy blogger that helped me get through those having-a-hard-mommy-days :

We can do it mamas of the world!


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