One last party before the summer ends…




One-pieces are the shiznit (pardon my french).

These little shorts and t-shirt all-in-one, are so easy to put on and to open up to change the diapee!

And they look so darn cute.

Especially this one from Old Navy.

I don’t think they have it anymore but if you find one similar, get it! Your little one is going to be so comfy!

 I especially like seeing toddlers in them, it keeps them looking like babies for just a little bit longer…;)

(oh and here is a similar one from Gap !)






“Rock is not dead, Baby”

Yes. If you are a rocker mom or dad, you have this inner desire to show it off on your kid.

Maybe it’s because we know that in his or her little baby heart, they already love those classic rock n’ roll songs. Or maybe it’s because we’ve been listening to them and they had no choice but to do the same in utero.

Anyway, you need to own at least one little onesie with your favorite rocking band.

You just have to.

It goes : diapers, bottles, classic rock onesie.

My Rolling Stones onesie was a gift :




But this site seems to cover a lot of cool bands !




Take care & keep on rockin’


Punk’d Onesies

As soon as I knew this little guy was coming, I started shopping around for cute onesies.

I wanted more than a little white onesie. I wanted a cool onesie. a funny onesie. a onesie I would wear.

And then I found

I fell in love with their grungy style. It totally spoke to my rebel side.

And so my little man began his life with a little attitude :


Only the gray long sleeve in now available here



Available here !

Make sure you check out their monsters series. they’re awesome. I never got them but I keep telling myself I will one of these days (before he outgrows onesies!)


Newborn style


Congrats ! There’s a new little human in your house !

Now…prepare yourself for a gruesome experiment…the newborn months. No sleep. No life. No showers.

BUT, there’s a cute mini you that you can dress up however you want! haha



but no really, the outfits are one of the fun parts let’s admit it. And you don’t have to buy the typical boring pjs and onesies. I would say, be bold ! No pale tacky blue for boys or pastel pink for girls…booooring.

I love the newborn collection at H&M. They have funny designs, mostly funky animals, on onesies, socks and even hats that all match. They’re also made in a super comfy material, big plus. You don’t want you lil bundle to be uncomfortable because if they’re not comfy, they don’t sleep…and if they don’t sleep, you don’t sleep…and you need your sleep!!!


H&M Link here